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Participatory Media Across Metaverse Worlds & Platforms

Board Secretary, XR Guild (Launching June 2022)

Host of MetaTraversal & upcoming series,

Co-Chair, Open Metaverse Interoperability

Interactive Media Producer @LightLodges

Creating connections and deep, loving and meaningful bonds with nature, the metaverse and the whole of existence, Evo experiments with art, science, creativity and collective consciousness to strengthen the bonds that shape our lives. Evo is a creative technologist, writer, artist and producer using technology to serve this collaborative space.

Speakers Bio for Media:

Evo Heyning has been creating immersive experiences that bridge real and virtual worlds for more than 20 years.

As a creator, interactive showrunner and production strategist Evo aligns a wide variety of media projects ranging from the Affordable Care Act public campaign to producing more than 500 hours of livestreaming and virtual events during the pandemic including conferences and global talks. Her work focuses on metaverse media and the creative potential of interactive, participatory, volumetric and virtual production to change our shared experiences.

Evo shapes the future of the open spatial web to connect people through collaborative technologies through her company Playable Agency, providing early stage production strategy and creative worldbuilding that expand reality. Evo serves as co-chair of Open Metaverse Interoperability Community Group, a cross-industry network of collaborators working on independent R&D toward a more effective public meta commons.

What I do:

  • Network, channel, community and global collaborative design for metaverse media
  • Live production and creation for virtual, hybrid, immersive and mixed reality events
  • Creative worldbuilding, writing, producing and narrative design for interactive worlds

How I do it:

  • Orchestrating collaborators across technical and creative domains
  • Leading strategic conversations that clarify goals and amplify impact
  • Applying hands-on experience with a broad range of emerging technologies

Domains I work in:

  • Public & Private Sector Social Impact - solving challenges through meaningful and measured collaborative efforts
  • Media, technology and communications design for interactivity and engagement
  • Project and Program Development: Innovation for integrated, interoperable systems across technologies

Who I work with:

  • Nonprofit, NGO, and government agencies
  • Consumer and media brands seeking public/private playable partnerships
  • Innovation teams leading new interactive and engagement production initiatives




Evo previously co-founded teams in hardware and FX (Toyshoppe Systems), educational technologies, Web3 and blockchain ease-of-use and currently advises teams in a wide range of technology verticals from cleantech to smart home fabrication, spatial web and metaverse integrations. Evo consults early stage teams working on exponential technologies for meaningful social engagement, civictech and purpose-driven collective action.

As a public sector and participatory civictech leader Evo has served as a neighborhood council representative (Los Angeles 2008-2010) and co-organized Gov 2.0 LA to integrate the last generation of web paradigm shifts for social engagement with representatives, leaders and the agencies that touch our lives. Evo worked as a lead interactive producer for a decade of nonprofit technology campaigns teaching thousands of nonprofit leaders how to produce livestreams, virtual worlds, video campaigns, apps and multimedia for greater engagement and fundraising for many philanthropic causes. She has advanced degrees from ENC & Singularity University's GSP2012 and speaks at universities across the US for advanced R&D work in AI, art, ethical tech development and creative media.

Evo currently serves as an advisor for open source initiatives, the Wisdom 2.0 Unconference and Beautiful Dying summit and expo, advised book teams such as Exponential Transformation and the Virtual Memorial Guide and consults for a wide variety of fund managers seeking purpose-driven investments that meet both purpose and production goals with their communities. Over the past 15 years Evo has given over 200 talks and frequently moderates panels & conversations on virtual work, design, collaboration, engagement and meaningful interactive play through worldbuilding and metaverse experiences.

Available for Speaking, Consulting & Creative Collaboration
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